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In principle of composite packaging materials, at least, have what performance?

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(1) operational, namely convenient packaging operation, can adapt to the mechanized operation, no skid, with no static, anti roll become warped, isolation resistance is good, have crease retention.
(2) health, non-toxic, odourless, less pollution. Compound packing materials to clean itself, not contain harmful chemicals. The recovery is still a problem, it is worth further study, properly solve.
(3) protective, should have enough mechanical strength, including tensile strength, rupture strength, folding strength, etc. Additionally there are waterproof, warm, sealing and away from light, moisture resistant, oil resistance, insulation and so on.
(4) commercial, suitable for printing, good for circulation, the price is reasonable. Has said the slogan: "you have the product, I have a package", in short composite packing materials is also a kind of commodity, to stand, stand fast in the market, must be strong, in the final analysis is the good economy off, "the price" threshold to the right.
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