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2014-12-31PO plastic bags
Plastic bags: the line generally require heat sealing, materials for high pressure PE material; Unless the customer has specified requirements, are not allowed to use PP material.
2014-12-31OPP bag features
OPP bag: good transparency, but belong to the brittleness, easy broken, candle small toys and other products used for the packaging, more European line guests often required.
2014-12-31What is the pearl cotton
Pearl cotton is not polystyrene, is "PE". Also called EPE. EPE, also known as pearl cotton. Polyethylene foamed cotton is crosslinking obturator structure, is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials.
2014-12-31The characteristics of EPE pearl cotton
PE pearl cotton environmental features: Has been recognized in the world. EPE in the process of production did not produce other chemical composition, abandoned EPE recycled material recycling, non-polluting to the environment, accord with environmental standa..
2014-12-31Introduction of EPE pearl cotton
EPE (Expand aple poly real ephylene) can be polyethylene, also known as pearl cotton, it USES a butane foam forming and add two kinds of accessories, industrial or medical grade superfine slippery stone and food-grade shrinkage resistance agent - single glyceri..
2014-12-31EPE pearl cotton tube is what material?
A purpose.,EPE foam pearl cotton cloth (also known as pearl cotton) is the current international market popular a kind of new soft packing material, the product because of its soft texture, good shock resistance, has become very popular in the market of new sof..
2014-12-31EPE pearl cotton foam purpose and process
EPE foam cloth production line, the use of advanced single butane physical foaming technology, products high foaming rate and energy saving efficiency. Production line adopts the explosion-proof electrical components, frequency control of motor speed and intell..
2014-12-31Scope of epe pearl cotton industry
A, shockproof packaging1. The TV set, refrigerator, home appliances and electricity products packaging, electronic instruments and office appliance packaging.2. Precision instruments such as antistatic packaging, ceramics, glass, optical instrument.
2014-12-31The superiority of EPE foam
EPE foaming material is a new type, chaoyang will never decline. Not only does not pollute the environment, and can be repeatedly recycled is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging
2014-12-31Manufacturer to tell you what is the sandwich mater..
Sandwich material is the earliest pearl cotton is in the present, only the development of a new kind of pearl cotton packing material, it is USES high-grade high density of the upper and lower a layer of foamed pearl cotton, pearl cotton intermediate compound s..
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