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Developments in the field of cushion packaging materials in packaging?

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Cushion packaging material has been widely used in the packaging area, is an important part of the packaging material. Goods in transportation loading and unloading process, under the action of external force shock and vibration, easy to damage. Cushion packaging can protect the goods, is an essential link in the circulation environment. At present, the main application of the cushion packaging material with plastic foam, paper pulp molding, air cushion film, etc. Among them, the foam dominant, its products have very good the ability to absorb shock and vibration, small density, low water absorption, good corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, and can choose different formula and processing technology, produce the different density and shape of material.
Foam can be used in household appliances, precision instruments and meters, mechanical components, valuables, fragile goods, all kinds of crafts such as cushioning packaging material, also can be made into various shapes of packaging products, such as: turnover box, all kinds of food packaging liner, tray, etc. Especially for large electronic products, machinery parts, precision instruments, valuables, etc., other cushion packaging materials on the process and performance are difficult to meet the requirements, and foam plays an irreplaceable role.
However, at present mainly in the foam polystyrene, polyethylene, PVC and pu is given priority to, all belong to organic polymer materials, from oil resources. As commodity logistics, continuous development of electronic information industry, the amount of foam packaging products is increasing rapidly, which has increased the oil of this kind of non-renewable resources consumption rate, the plight of facing increasingly exhausted. Foam packaging products, on the other hand, after use, waste brought serious negative impact on the environment, intensifying the white pollution. Consequently, start from the source, develop and promote environmental degradable plastic foam, is the most fundamental solutions, conform to the trend of green plastic packaging industry.
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