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EPE pearl cotton tube is what material?

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A purpose.
EPE foam pearl cotton cloth (also known as pearl cotton) is the current international market popular a kind of new soft packing material, the product because of its soft texture, good shock resistance, has become very popular in the market of new soft packing material, is widely used in household appliances products, glass ceramics, precision electronic instruments, meters, high-grade furniture, shoes and hats, packaging. The product after compound, thickening, such as processing again, can be used to bag packing, wood floor moistureproof layer soft mat, cold storage insulation, sports, etc.
EPE foam cloth production line, the use of advanced single butane physical foaming technology, products high foaming rate and energy saving efficiency. Production line adopts the explosion-proof electrical components, frequency control of motor speed and intelligent digital display instrument automatic control, smooth operation safety, convenient operation, stable and reliable quality, can be continuous in the production of various specifications of EPE foam sheet. Replace the head mould, also can produce foamed pipe, foaming and foam screen.
2. Process
Plastic particles to formulation and mixing heating extrusion, foaming agent injection to mixing and plasticizing extruder, cooling molding - sizing cutting cutting - cooling traction to flattening, winding and finished products
First mixing materials such as polyethylene, into the extruder hopper, after large length to diameter ratio of extruder melt mixing, while in the middle of extruder high-pressure injection foaming gas and molten monoglycerides, and has molten plastic mixing, mixing of the nose, mouth die extrusion forming, after cooling, traction, flattening, winding foamed sheet (film) products.
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