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2014-12-30The general classification of composite packaging m..
Cushion packaging material has been widely used in the packaging area, is an important part of the packaging material. Goods in transportation loading and unloading process, under the action of external force shock and vibration, easy to damage. Cushion packagi..
2014-12-30Green packaging material not the kui is a green
Corn plastic that is easy to decompose plastic developed by the United States, it is made from corn starch mixed with polyethylene. The bags can be quickly dissolved in water, washing and cooking, can avoid the pollution sources and virus contact.
2014-12-30The function meaning of different pearl cotton pack..
EPE is widely used in electronic appliances, instrumentation, computers, audio, medical equipment, work-managing machine box, lighting, crafts, glass, ceramics, electrical appliances, spraying, furniture, alcohol and gift packaging
2014-12-30Outstanding features of compound packing materials
(1) pressure sensitive resistance: post-it note is pressure sensitive resistance composite packaging materials, in addition to make stickers, labels, also can cover tape, transfer printing, wall material, etc.
2014-12-30Segmentation of packaging material according to the..
Packing materials including food packaging materials, printing and packaging materials, medical packaging materials, packaging materials, plastic packaging materials, glass foam packaging materials, packaging materials, new green packaging materials
2014-12-30Basic knowledge of packing (2)
Commonly used packaging,Heat seal line (1) plastic bags: the general requirements, material for high pressure PE material; Unless the customer has specified requirements, are not allowed to use PP material.
2014-12-30Basic knowledge of packaging of (a)
The meaning of the packing.Goods containers or bandaging, containing, such as packaging, packaging process. Packaging is the commodity production process in the circulation process to continue, is an indispensable goods into the circulation and consumption fiel..
2014-12-30Polyethylene plastic formability
Small crystal material, moisture absorption, need not to fully dry, good liquidity, liquidity is sensitive to pressure and molding time with high-pressure injection, uniform temperature, filling speed, pressure maintaining full. Should not be in direct gate, to..
2014-12-30Pearl cotton stents
Shows also called EPE pearl cotton, pearl cotton/EPE packaging material.,Pearl cotton stents (aka: EPE).【material】 is made of high quality pearl cotton stamping die cutter cut into different use, use pearl cotton composite made of hot melt adhesive or color i..
2014-12-30Lite home packaging products company will teach you..
VC conventional identification methods generally summarized as the following three categories, namely:,(1) combustion method to identify:Soften or melt temperature range: 75 ~ 90 ° C;
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